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[ABC] Mountain Lion Troupe beat the drum for a prosperous New Year

Article by Melanie Sim

19 January 2012

The Prosperous Mountain Lion dance troupe is in full swing practicing for the up coming Lunar New Year celebrations.

Oscar beats the drums for the Mountain Lion troupe (Melanie Sim - ABC Local)

It was the most unlikely place to find a passionate and colourful group of dancers on a hot week night in Canberra.

The 'Prosperous Mountain Lion troupe' practice traditional Chinese dancing in the industrial suburb of Mitchell, on the outskirts of the Nation's capital.

The reason for their isolated venue, I found out as I stepped into the room, was the noise!

Loud beating drums, clashing cymbals and plenty of shouts accompanied the weaving steps of the young Canberrans, most who are Australian born with Chinese heritage.

The troupe is in full practice mode in the lead up to Lunar New Year celebrations, with many performances planned for Canberra and Sydney.

Founder of the troupe David Wong, says the 'Prosperous Mountain Lion troupe' is always looking for new members.

And he says that you don't need to be from a Chinese background or of Asian descent to be part of the fun!

The troupe will be performing at the National Museum on Australia Day as part of the Lucky Dragon festival; they will also be part of the Blessing of the shops ritual at Gungahlin and Dickson on Saturday 11 February, and at the National multicultural festival on 12 February.


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