Want to become a Canberra Lion Dancer?

Are you looking to try something different?

Something fun and creative in a team environment?


PMLD welcomes you to come along and give dragon and lion dance a try!


We welcome anyone at any age from any nationality to join us during our weekly trainings and performances throughout the year. 


We are all volunteers and participation is free of charge.


Initial training sessions will focus on basic dragon and lion movement and percussion skills. There will also be opportunities to practice with our training lion heads and other roles within the team.

You can specialise in a role or learn all the roles!


Our trainers are passionate about lion dance and are all volunteers. There is always a first aid trained volunteer on site. We possess public liability insurance.


Check us out at weekly trainings from 3pm on Sundays!

Prosperous Mountain Lion Dance

GPO Box 1653


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